Banking War games set for November

The UK financial system has set a date for the second retry of its war game simulation to see how the UK financial system is prepared for cyber attacks. The¬†Waking Shark 2 operation is the second iteration of the simulated attacks. This time they are not only simulating an attack from a hacker wanting to […]

Urgent: vSphere 5.5 Update, don’t install if using vSphere Replication 5.1

VMWare have just release an urgent press release for all of their customers who are thinking of upgrading to their latest version 5.5. If you are using vSphere replication 5.1 and upgrade to 5.5 it will, and I quote “will actually break your replication and is irreversible” this will also happen if you have automatic […]

Moving to Google Cloud

For the past couple of years at Blowfish-IT we have been hosting our own email solution. We started on Microsoft Exchange 2007, then migrated to Exchange 2010 and most recently completed an in-place upgrade to Exchange 2013. However, we were finding that we were spending one to two days a month managing and maintaining our […]

TechNet Retirement – Update from Microsoft…

We have spoken to Microsoft TechNet subscriptions department who have advised that they have only been told themselves this morning. They currently don’t have a possible replacement but are tracking all calls logged to see if there is much customer drive to keep TechNet! We were also told that your keys should continue to work […]

Microsoft to retire TechNet

Morning all, Well I think all of us TechNet subscribers received the lovely email from Microsoft this morning regarding TechNet being retired. We have to admit the feeling in the office this morning was less than happy, for us we use our TechNet licenses for our non-production lab environment, which is great for learning and […]

VMWare ESX 5 vs. Server 2012 Hyper-V 3

Hey all, As promised, we recently did our own comparison of VMWare vs. Hyper-V 3 (2012) here is our results. Setup: 2x Dell Tower Servers 2x Dual-Core 3.0GHz Processors 32GB RAM 2x 73GB Raid 10 Mirror Disks 3x 1TB Raid5 Disks Server 2012: We initially started with Server 2012, and first impressions were good. The […]

Production / Lab Setup at Blowfish-IT HQ

Hey all, Well we have finally finished building our new infrastructure in our office. We have decided to go down the VMWare route in the end vs. Server 2012 with Hyper-V (A post of our comparison to come shortly) We have now got our 2 Dell Servers with the following spec:- – 2x Dual Core […]

When it deviates from the Plan, Stop and Assess

A little while back now I was helping maintain a Data Center for the NHS Blood and Transplant in North London. One Sunday night I received a phone call from one of the engineers letting me know that one of the HDDs had failed in the fileserver. Nothing out of the ordinary, usual hardware failure. […]

Exchange 2003, Cluster Node Eviction – Lessons Learnt

To all you engineers out there let this be a warning….. We were working with one of our customers last night on virtualising their Exchange 2003 2-node cluster. They would only like to virtualise a single node as they are counting on VMware’s HA to be able to do the¬†fail over. they don’t want to […]

Virtualisation Events

As we are heading into another Virtualisation/Consolidation event with one of customers we are looking at where the process works well and what can you consider when planning an event. We have started doing ‘deep dives’ into the configuration of each server to help identify any gotchas and plans their mitigations before they occur. but […]